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Undergraduate Students learning practical training in the laboratory Genetech Molecular Biology Courses and Internships

Industry Based Training Programme

This is a full-time programme designed to provide practical training in the applications of Molecular Diagnostics and basic methods in gene technology. It will consist of some lectures to provide students with the necessary theory to understand the applications of these topics, practicals to receive hands-on experience in laboratory techniques and demonstrations covering topics in these subject areas.

This programme will be beneficial to local and foreign students awaiting entry into tertiary degree programmes (university) as well as for students that are currently enrolled in tertiary programmes.

Dates: TBD

Duration: 10 weekdays 

Handling samples in the laboratory biotechnology

Long term internships and
research opportunities

  • 6 weeks and upwards 

  • Customised individual programmes available

Dr Maya Gunasekera Founder Genetech


Our leaders at Genetech set the policies and the strategic direction of the firm. Collaborating with each other, their knowledge and experience come together to make a positive impact for all our stakeholders - students, patients, healthcare providers and local and global communities. 

Dhammika Gunasekera Owner Genetech
Nandika Perera Head of Forensics, Parentage Testing and DNA Typing Genetech
Samudi Mohotti Senior Scientist Genetech

Dr. Maya Gunasekera

Founder of Genetech

(1961 - 2006)

The working culture is built by leaders who believe empathy is absolutely vital. This is demonstrated by talking and listening to people, understanding what they care about, adapting to their needs and catering to what they want.

Dhammika Gunasekera

Owner of Genetech

and Managing Trustee of Genetech Research Institute

Dr. Nandika Perera

Head of Forensic DNA Typing and Parentage Testing

Samudi Mohotti

Senior Scientist

Meeting Between Colleagues

Our Values


Our commitment to sustain a positive environment for our employees as well as our clients is one of the key factors that sets us apart from our competitors


Collaboration is at the core of everything we do. We enjoy interacting with various types of people whilst appreciating the cultural diversity that they bring to the community.


Delivering excellence has always been our main focus as we love inspiring and elevating the communities we touch.


We always act with integrity, and we have strong moral and ethical principles to be followed at all times regardless of the consequences. 

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