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  • DNA Sequencing | Genetech

    DNA Sequencing Genetech is an authorised agent for a world-leading company of genomic analysis which provides a wide variety of services including DNA sequencing and oligo nucleotide synthesis. This has enabled Genetech to provide following services to Sri Lanka at an affordable price range. DNA Sequencing services Capillary Electrophoresis Sequencing CES analyses DNA sequences using Big Dye chemistry (Sanger Sequencing) and the ABI 3730xl analyser. CES can be performed either in individual PCR tubes or in 96 well plates for high throughput sequencing. The reaction can be conducted using both universal as well as custom made primers. The method is commonly used to sequence relatively shorter fragments of DNA for variety of purposes. Sequencing of PCR products and plasmid CES is generally used for sequencing of PCR products and plasmid DNA up to 1,000 bp in length. A special CES service is also available for the ‘difficult sequencing’ such as high GC rich DNA, homopolymers, repetitive sequences and those with strong secondary structures. ​ In addition, we accept the unamplified DNA and unprocessed biological samples for sequencing services. We also undertake to sequence PCR products containing nonspecific bands. Upon request, post sequence analysis (sequence alignments, phylogenetic tree construction, genome annotation etc.) services are also available to help the researchers interpret the results. Sequencing bacterial and fungal colonies 16S r-RNA gene sequencing is a common method used to identify bacterial species. As per the customer requirement, we undertake to sequence different length options up to 1400 bp. For the sequencing of fungal colonies, we provide three options: 18S rRNA gene (> 1,600 bp guaranteed), 26S rRNA gene (> 1,300 bp guaranteed) and ITS region (> 500 bp guaranteed). We also offer post-sequencing analysis services to assist species identification. Next-Generation Sequencing NGS, massively parallel or deep sequencing are related terms that describe a DNA sequencing technology which has developed for genomic research during recent years. The technology performs parallel sequencing of millions of DNA fragments which are assembled into single genome using bioinformatics analysis. In contrast to the first-generation Sanger sequencing technology, NGS provides a much more efficient tool enabling the sequencing of the entire human genome within a single day. ​ We offer numerous NGS sequencing techniques such as Whole Genome Sequencing, Metagenome Sequencing, Exome Sequencing, Transcriptome Sequencing and Epigenome Sequencing. Different NGS platforms are available to meet the varying requirement of these techniques. Our scientists will help you choose the best NGS option and platforms depending on your requirement. We also offer to assist in the bioinformatics analysis of NGS data. Contact us

  • Product Development | Genetech

    Product Development Our research projects often aim for a final product which can range from developing a new diagnostic test to a commercial nucleic acid extraction or amplification kit. Research and development projects have given rise to Genetech's new product line. DNA and RNA extraction kits We have developed a wide range of DNA/RNA extraction kits such as viral RNA/DNA extraction kits, Bacterial genomic and plasmid DNA extraction kits, plant DNA extraction kits, human and other animal genomic DNA extraction kits. The kits are starting from 25 prep size and are scaled up to 100s to meet the wide array of requirements found in the research community. For optimum results, we also provide customised extraction kits for low yielding starting materials like insect and bone samples. PCR amplification kits We offer customised conventional and real time PCR amplification kits (Ready mix PCR kits) for both DNA and RNA. This can be integrated with primer designing and PCR optimisation as required for the best results. Industrially important kits We offer to develop industrially important test kits to meet specific needs. For example, White Spot Syndrome Virus Detection Kit for shrimps was developed for the shrimp farm industry, based on customer requirements. You can contact us to discuss your specific requirement. We are able to design and develop customised kits for a wide variety of industrial needs. Contact us

  • Oligonucleotide and Gene synthesis | Genetech

    Oligonucleotide and Gene synthesis Oligonucleotide/Primer synthesis ​ We offer primer synthesis services covering different concentration scales from 0.025 to 1µmole. Different purification options using techniques such as desalt, MOPC, HPLC and PAGE are available as per requirement of the customer. ​ We also offer primer modifications such as fluorescent labelling, non-fluorescent modifications, dark quenchers and internal modifications. Gene synthesis We offer customised gene synthesis services in a plasmid DNA state with a free cloning service, as well as free DNA sequencing to confirm the sequence of the gene. Our customised gene synthesis service offers to generate genes based on the sequence requirement of the customer. With our free cloning service, the synthesised gene is made available in a plasmid DNA state. Our free sequencing service guarantees 100% sequence accuracy. Contact us

  • Customised Biotech | Genetech

    Customised Biotechnology Solutions We have the personnel and the facilities to accommodate requests from various industries and researchers for customised solutions in the areas of molecular characterisation (microbes, plants and animals), DNA-based testing of environmental samples, molecular epidemiology and molecular systematics. We are prepared to work with fellow scientists from other institutions on inter-laboratory comparisons and method development. ​ Our service encompasses the techniques based on conventional and real time PCR, automated fragment analysis, cell culturing, plant tissue culturing and sequencing (CES and NGS). Contact us View a list of our recent projects

  • PCR Technology | Genetech

    Course 4 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Technology (14 hours) This course is suitable for school-level, undergraduate and graduate students, and those engaged in scientific research, diagnostics and teaching which involves Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Technology. ​ Theory: Guidelines for PCR Principle of PCR Critical factors for successful PCR Designing PCR primers Standard practices in a PCR Laboratory Troubleshooting and prevention of carryover contamination Optimization strategies for PCR PCR product analysis: Detection of PCR products by gel electrophoresis Methods of purification and quantification of PCR products Methods of labelling of PCR products (PCR probes) and visualization of label Cloning of PCR products: TOPO cloning DNA sequence analysis of PCR product PCR Applications: Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP) and Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis Short Tandem Repeat (STR) (micro-satellite) analysis Multiplex PCR Reverse Transcription (RT)-PCR PCR-ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay) In-situ PCR Quality Control/Quality Assurance of PCR assays ​ Practicals: Extraction of DNA from cells, blood stains for PCR A standard PCR assay Analysis of PCR products by agarose and acrylamide gel electrophoresis Strategies for optimization of PCR Purification of PCR products Labelling of PCR products Primer design using online sequence databases PCR-RFLP assay Multiplex PCR assay RT-PCR assay PCR-ELISA assay PCR troubleshooting ​ ​ View FAQs Contact us

  • Advanced Certificate Course | Genetech

    Course 1 Advanced Certificate Course in Gene Technology (80 hours) Theory ​ Introduction to Gene Technology ​ Basic unit of life, transfer of genetic material, DNA, genomic DNA, the gene, allele, genotype, phenotype, different types of genes, RNA, information flow, applications of molecular biology and gene technology, structure, chemistry and physical properties of nucleotides, organization of DNA in the cell. ​ Gene Expression and Proteins ​ Central dogma of life, gene expression, genetic code, degeneracy of the genetic code, amino acids, reading frame, mutations, DNA repair, DNA replication, transcription of DNA, translation of RNA, proteins and proteomics, transcriptional regulation. ​ Recombinant DNA Technology ​ Tools in DNA Analysis ​ Extracting DNA from different sources: introduction to DNA extraction, steps in extraction, extracting DNA from forensic evidentiary samples. Forensic DNA typing: DNA typing, DNA based human identification, identification of biological evidence, paternity testing, etc. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Gel electrophoresis and Spectrophotometry Micro RNA and Cancer Detection Transgenic Technology: Development of transgenic animals and plants Immunology The Human Genome Project Current Applications and Ethical Aspects of Gene Technology ​ Practicals (hands-on practical experience on an individual basis for each student): ​ Laboratory safety Preparation of molecular biology solutions and accessories Extraction of genomic DNA, quantification, and assessment of the quality of DNA Culture and transformation of E.coli Isolation of plasmid DNA from E. coli Preparation of agarose and polyacrylamide gels Analysis of native and restricted plasmid and genomic DNA by agarose gel electrophoresis Analysis of PCR products using polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis DNA typing of simulated crime scene sample Southern transfer and hybridization of DNA DNA library screening and hybridization Standard PCR assay Multiplex PCR RT-PCR assay for viral DNA detection Primer designing with software DNA sequence data analysis Genetic database searching ​ View FAQs Contact us

  • Certificate Course | Genetech

    Course 2 Certificate Course in Gene Technology (60 hours) Theory: ​ DNA, RNA structure and function Messenger RNA, Transfer RNA & proteins Chromosomes, genes, alleles, karyotypes, phenotype & genotype Extracting DNA from different sources Basic methods in bacteriology DNA modifying enzymes Genetic engineering & gene splicing Electrophoresis & quantification of DNA Polymerase chain reaction DNA fingerprinting in forensic casework Biotechnology in medicine & industry ​ Practicals (hands-on practical experience on an individual basis for each student): ​ ​ Laboratory rules & safety precautions Use of micropipettes Preparation of reagents Plating & quantifying of bacteria Forensic DNA testing: Extraction of DNA, PCR & gel electrophoresis Isolation of plasmid DNA Spectrophotometric determination of DNA DNA sequence data analysis View FAQs Contact us

  • Genetech | Home

    Our Firm Genetech is a multi-faceted institution and our activities can be broadly categorised into the following areas: ​ Molecular disease diagnostics DNA typing for paternity testing and forensic casework Teaching of basic to advanced molecular biology Training of personnel involved in molecular biology Genetically modified (GM) and other food testing Sex determination of birds Diagnostics of animal diseases Research in the molecular life sciences Customised biotechnology solutions Molecular biology products Read our story One day workshop on gene technology Introductory lecture on "Introduction to gene technology and its current applications" Theory and hands-on practical session covering: DNA extraction PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Gel Electrophoresis Basics in DNA profiling, DNA fingerprinting and DNA typing Basics in applications of PCR in disease diagnosis This workshop is well-suited for all local and international A/L students. Please contact us to book a date. VIEW MORE Certificate course in gene technology 10-day course Classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays Course Fee: Practicals - Rs. 50,000 Lectures - Rs. 30,000 VIEW MORE Short-term internships for students These internships are ideal for students who are undertaking AS/A2 exams or pursuing an undergraduate degree and looking for experience in gene technology. ​​ Duration: 2 weeks Fee: Rs. 45,000 VIEW MORE Long term internships and research opportunities CONTACT US 6 weeks and upwards Customised individual programmes available

  • Publications | Genetech

    Journal Publications Perera, N., Galhena, G. & Ranawaka, G. (2021) X-chromosomal STR based genetic polymorphisms and demographic history of Sri Lankan ethnicities and their relationship with global populations. Scientific Reports 11:12748. Available from: doi: 10.1038/s41598-021-92314-9 ​ Perera, N., Galhena, G. & Ranawaka, G. (2021) Development of a 16 X-STR multiplex PCR system for kinship analysis and its applicability for the Sinhalese population in Sri Lanka. International Journal of Legal Medicine. 135:161–166. Available from: doi: 10.1007/s00414-020-02450-6 ​ Nirmani, M. D., Perera, N. S. & Galhena, G. H. (2021) Population genetic dynamics of dengue vectors Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus in Sri Lanka: Baseline study for designing Wolbachia control method. International Journal of Tropical Insect Science. 41:1809–1821. Available from: doi: 10.1007/s42690-020-00395-2 View More Conference Papers and Communications Nirmani, M. D., Perera, K. L. N. S. & Galhena, G. H. (2020) A preliminary virological surveillance of field-caught adult Aedes aegypti (Linnaeus) and Aedes albopictus (Skuse) mosquitoes in selected sites in the District of Colombo and Gampaha of Sri Lanka. Proceedings of Annual Research Symposium 2020, University of Colombo; 44. ​ De Mel, W. D. Y., Illeperuma, R. J., Fernando, S. P., Pusweldeniya, B. M. J. & Padmalal, U. K. G. K. (2019) Genetic variation of Elephas maximus maximus in Maduru Oya national park in Sri Lanka, age 2019: International Conference on Agriculture, Green Economics and Energy, Sapporo, Japan, 2019. ​ Perera, N., Galhena, G. & Ranawaka, G. (2019) Development of a novel X-chromosomal STR based dacaplex PCR assay for the kinship analysis of Sinhalese population. Proceedings of the Open University Research Sessions (OURS 2019), Open University of Sri Lanka, P19. Available from: View More

  • Our Values | Genetech

    Our Values Positivity Our commitment to sustain a positive environment for our employees as well as our clients is one of the key factors that set us apart from our competitors. We believe it is essential to encourage people to let go of their past unfavourable experiences and eliminate any pessimistic thoughts about their future. This provides them the opportunity to enjoy the present moment without any distractions, irrespective of the circumstances. Furthermore, it bolsters employee confidence and morale, allowing a highly efficient working culture to be established. The key steps to being always happy involve forgiving others and yourself for any mistakes they or you have made and appreciating the uncertainty of the future as well as the imperfections around us. Thus, we strive to meet our short-term and long-term objectives by planning optimistically and effectively whilst expecting nothing in return. We believe expectations may potentially act as barriers to understanding reality and enjoying every moment, due to the unpredictable future we all have. For example, if an employee is working towards a strict deadline of a major project, they may suffer from anxiety if they start predicting the consequences of not completing their deliverables within the allocated time period. This would potentially be a hindrance to enjoying the work they carry out. Nevertheless, we always aim to exceed our clients’ expectations by offering exceptional customer service. The positive attitude our employees possess to undertake any task with great enthusiasm is what makes us very special. Collaboration Collaboration is at the core of everything we do. We enjoy interacting with various types of people whilst appreciating the cultural diversity that they bring to the community. Our employees are mentored by senior members of the company as well as junior members to guide them to achieve their career goals and provide technical knowledge where necessary. To achieve the best possible outcomes, we embrace change and enhancement where necessary, and our employees are passionate to constantly find techniques to develop the services we offer. Our team is also trained to have the ability to work independently where required. We understand that every decision we make in life has pros and cons but a person with a positive attitude will be happy with whichever decision they make, provided there are no negative intentions behind the decision. We believe it is possible for any organisation to create a home away from home, if you learn to be compassionate towards others and enjoy every moment irrespective of the im perfections everyone brings to society. Excellence Delivering excellence has always been our main focus as we love inspiring and elevating the communities we touch. This includes integrating cutting-edge DNA fingerprinting technology, engaging in research and contributing to innovative, future-ready solutions, and adopting eco-friendly approaches. We transcend the industry by reimagining the possibilities of expanding our expertise, and our staff are always excited and motivated to devise solutions to complex challenges we could face. To achieve the best possible outcomes, we embrace change and enhancement where necessary, and our employees are passionate to constantly find techniques to develop the services we offer. We continually aim to enhance our work environment with the intention of ensuring our stakeholders enjoy everything we do and love everyone they meet. This stems from the priority given to mental and physical health at Genetech. Indeed, it has also made it very easy for us to grow professionally and build an excellent organisation. Integrity We always act with integrity, and we have strong moral and ethical principles to be followed at all times regardless of the consequences. We believe trust and honesty are central to integrity as well as consistency. Integrity is one of the most important assets we seek when we recruit new employees to join our team. Moreover, we make our decisions on candidates who apply for a job at Genetech based purely on their skills, passion and potential to invigorate us to move forward and achieve greater success as a biotechnology company. ​We also have built our customers’ trust by obtaining ISO 15189 accreditation and maintaining the standards in all aspects. We believe a workplace with employees whose actions are open and transparent is one that fosters beneficial leadership qualities in others. Treating everyone with respect is absolutely vital to us as our objective is to maintain an organisation that supports you unconditionally, regardless of differences such as sex, age, race, religion and ethnic origin.

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