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Product Development

Test Tubes

Our research projects often aim for a final product which can range from developing a new diagnostic test to a commercial nucleic acid extraction or amplification kit. Research and development projects have given rise to Genetech's new product line.

DNA and RNA extraction kits

We have developed a wide range of DNA/RNA extraction kits such as viral RNA/DNA extraction kits, Bacterial genomic and plasmid DNA extraction kits, plant DNA extraction kits, human and other animal genomic DNA extraction kits. The kits are starting from 25 prep size and are scaled up to 100s to meet the wide array of requirements found in the research community. For optimum results, we also provide customised extraction kits for low yielding starting materials like insect and bone samples. 

PCR amplification kits

We offer customised conventional and real time PCR amplification kits (Ready mix PCR kits) for both DNA and RNA. This can be integrated with primer designing and PCR optimisation as required for the best results.

Industrially important kits

We offer to develop industrially important test kits to meet specific needs. For example, White Spot Syndrome Virus Detection Kit for shrimps was developed for the shrimp farm industry, based on customer requirements. You can contact us to discuss your specific requirement. We are able to design and develop customised kits for a wide variety of industrial needs.

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