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Our vision and mission

Our teaching facility is designed and organised with Dr. Maya Gunasekera’s original vision in mind, which is “anyone interested in this subject should be given the opportunity to learn it”. Therefore, we offer training programmes aimed at providing a comprehensive knowledge of basics to advanced molecular biology. This includes coursework and well-structured practical training in laboratory methods in molecular biology under the guidance of practicing scientists.


Genetech School of Gene Technology offers training programmes in areas including disease diagnostic methods of molecular medicine for medical officers, forensic DNA typing for medico-legal personnel, laboratory management for technical officers and courses on gene technology for post-Advanced Level, undergraduate and graduate level students.


A large number of undergraduate and graduate level students have undergone training at Genetech as interns and research students. At present, research students and technicians that trained at Genetech are contributing immensely to the field of Molecular Diagnostics through various organisations islandwide.

If you are interested in doing an internship or course at Genetech, please submit the Inquiry Form below or email us at to receive further details. 

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