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Ethical Guidelines

  • DNA typing is performed ethically only with the informed consent of the individual whose DNA is being typed. The persons concerned will be informed about the consequences of the test. Where such consent cannot be given such as in the case of minors, the consent of the guardian has to be obtained. We will not undertake samples for parentage testing without written consent from all living parties who will be tested.

  • In the instance of criminal casework, we adhere to provisions in the Law, with respect to taking samples from suspects, victims and other living individuals involved in the case.

  • Strict confidentiality will be maintained at all times with respect to individuals being tested. The results of DNA typing tests and the conclusions drawn from them will be divulged only to the persons being tested, and Courts of Law which order such tests.

  • The test result will be given in a numerical format; a Scientist from Genetech will interpret the results, drawing a clear, unambiguous conclusion, and express it in simple terms.

  • DNA typing is performed by analysing non-coding regions of an individual's DNA. It does not give the analyst any information about the ethnicity, race, social background, physical or mental make up of that person. Therefore, no other genetic information will be retrieved from an individual's DNA.

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