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Biotechnology Laboratory equipment DNA test Genetech

Our Tests

Molecular Diagnostics

We pioneered the use of molecular diagnostics in Sri Lanka. We seek evidence of a disease at the basic causative level by detecting the nucleic acids based on PCR technology.

Lab Equipment Molecular Diagnostics Gentech

GM and Other Food Testing

We use a PCR method to identify the most common genetic elements that are generally found in Genetically Modified (GM) crops. Our test can be applied to a wide range of food items including crops and processed food.

Potatoes Genetically Modified Food Testing Genetech

DNA Typing

We pioneered the use of DNA typing for human identification for forensic casework and analysis of  family relationships including parentage testing. 

PCR DNA Typing Parentage Paternity Test Genetech

Sex Determination of Birds

Many bird species are monomorphic; thus, males and females cannot be distinguished visually. We offer molecular sexing for proper gender assignment of a wide range of bird species with an accuracy of 99.9%.

Pink Flamingos Bird Sex Test Genetech
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