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Certificate Course in Gene Technology (60 hours)


  • DNA, RNA structure and function

  • Messenger RNA, Transfer RNA & proteins

  • Chromosomes, genes, alleles, karyotypes, phenotype & genotype

  • Extracting DNA from different sources

  • Basic methods in bacteriology

  • DNA modifying enzymes

  • Genetic engineering & gene splicing

  • Electrophoresis & quantification of DNA

  • Polymerase chain reaction

  • DNA fingerprinting in forensic casework

  • Biotechnology in medicine & industry

Practicals (hands-on practical experience on an individual basis for each student):

  • Laboratory rules & safety precautions

  • Use of micropipettes

  • Preparation of reagents

  • Plating & quantifying of bacteria

  • Forensic DNA testing: Extraction of DNA, PCR & gel electrophoresis

  • Isolation of plasmid DNA

  • Spectrophotometric determination of DNA

  • DNA sequence data analysis

Course Fee:

  • Practicals: Rs. 57,500

  • Lectures: Rs. 34,500

If you are interested in doing this course at Genetech, please submit the Inquiry Form below or email us at to receive further details.

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