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DNA Fingerprinting Genetech

Advanced Certificate Course in Molecular Techniques for DNA Fingerprinting

For Graduates, Undergraduates,
Pre-University and A/L Students

Student working in the lab handling a blood sample Genetech

Why choose this course?

This course provides in-depth coverage of fundamental molecular techniques in gene technology, with a special focus on DNA fingerprinting—the gold standard for individual identification. Students will gain expertise in a broad range of essential molecular biology techniques, preparing them for successful careers in state-of-the-art laboratories worldwide.

A certificate will be issued upon completion of the course.

Hands on practical experience for student Genetech Molecular Biology Training programme Internship Course

Who can register for this course?

This course is ideal for undergraduates and graduates in biology, biotechnology, or biomedical science who are seeking to advance their postgraduate studies or enhance their career prospects. It is also highly beneficial for current and recently completed A/L students (Edexcel, Cambridge, and Local A/L) who aim to pursue higher education in these fields.

DNA Fingerprinting Results Genetech

Course Content

The course encompasses both theoretical and practical aspects of the following.

  • Basic setup of a molecular biological lab

  • Handling biological samples for DNA fingerprinting

  • Chelex and solid-phase DNA extraction methods

  • DNA quantification

  • Multiplex PCR

  • Commercial kits for DNA profiling

  • Agarose gel electrophoresis

  • Capillary electrophoresis

  • Generating and analysing DNA profiles

  • SNPs for human identification

  • Mitochondrial DNA analysis and X and Y chromosome testing

  • Animal and plant forensics

  • Sex determination and detection of chromosomal anomalies

  • DNA sequence analysis

Individual hands-on training will be provided.

Digital Chronometer

Duration and fees

This is a 50 hour course, and it will run from 9.00 am to 4.15 pm on 8 weekdays. 

The programme fee will be LKR 48,000 (LKR 960 per hour) which is to be paid before the registration in order to confirm and reserve your place. Places will be offered on a first come first served basis. 

Emailing on the phone

Email now

If you are interested in participating in this training programme, send us an email with your details to

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