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Dhammika Gunasekera's Art Colour Pencil

Our Values

Dhammika Gunasekera's Art Colour Pencil Modern and Contemporary Art


Our commitment to sustain a positive environment for our employees as well as our clients is one of the key factors that set us apart from our competitors. We believe it is essential to encourage people to let go of their past unfavourable experiences and eliminate any pessimistic thoughts about their future. This provides them the opportunity to enjoy the present moment without any distractions, irrespective of the circumstances. Furthermore, it bolsters employee confidence and morale, allowing a highly efficient working culture to be established.


The key steps to being always happy involve forgiving others and yourself for any mistakes they or you have made and appreciating the uncertainty of the future as well as the imperfections around us. Thus, we strive to meet our short-term and long-term objectives by planning optimistically and effectively whilst expecting nothing in return. We believe expectations may potentially act as barriers to understanding reality and enjoying every moment, due to the unpredictable future we all have. For example, if an employee is working towards a strict deadline of a major project, they may suffer from anxiety if they start predicting the consequences of not completing their deliverables within the allocated time period. This would potentially be a hindrance to enjoying the work they carry out. Nevertheless, we always aim to exceed our clients’ expectations by offering exceptional customer service. The positive attitude our employees possess to undertake any task with great enthusiasm is what makes us very special.

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Collaboration is at the core of everything we do. We enjoy interacting with various types of people whilst appreciating the cultural diversity that they bring to the community. Our employees are mentored by senior members of the company as well as junior members to guide them to achieve their career goals and provide technical knowledge where necessary. 


Our team is also trained to have the ability to work independently where required. We understand that every decision we make in life has pros and cons but a person with a positive attitude will be happy with whichever decision they make, provided there are no negative intentions behind the decision. We believe it is possible for any organisation to create a home away from home, if you learn to be compassionate towards others and enjoy every moment irrespective of the imperfections everyone brings to society.

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Delivering excellence has always been our main focus as we love inspiring and elevating the communities we touch. This includes integrating cutting-edge DNA fingerprinting technology, engaging in research and contributing to innovative, future-ready solutions, and adopting eco-friendly approaches. We transcend the industry by reimagining the possibilities of expanding our expertise, and our staff are always excited and motivated to devise solutions to complex challenges we could face.


To achieve the best possible outcomes, we embrace change and enhancement where necessary, and our employees are passionate to constantly find techniques to develop the services we offer. We continually aim to enhance our work environment with the intention of ensuring our stakeholders enjoy everything we do and love everyone they meet. This stems from the priority given to mental and physical health at Genetech. Indeed, it has also made it very easy for us to grow professionally and build an excellent organisation.

Dhammika Gunasekera's Art Coloured Pencil Contemporary and Modern Art


We always act with integrity, and we have strong moral and ethical principles to be followed at all times regardless of the consequences. We believe trust and honesty are central to integrity as well as consistency. Integrity is one of the most important assets we seek when we recruit new employees to join our team. Moreover, we make our decisions on candidates who apply for a job at Genetech based purely on their skills, passion and potential to invigorate us to move forward and achieve greater success as a biotechnology company.

We also have built our customers’ trust by obtaining ISO 15189 accreditation and maintaining the standards in all aspects. We believe a workplace with employees whose actions are open and transparent is one that fosters beneficial leadership qualities in others. Treating everyone with respect is absolutely vital to us as our objective is to maintain an organisation that supports you unconditionally, regardless of differences such as sex, age, race, religion and ethnic origin.

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