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Petri Dishes

Oligonucleotide and Gene synthesis

Oligonucleotide/Primer synthesis

We offer primer synthesis services covering different concentration scales from 0.025 to 1µmole. Different purification options using techniques such as desalt, MOPC, HPLC and PAGE are available as per requirement of the customer.

We also offer primer modifications such as fluorescent labelling, non-fluorescent modifications, dark quenchers and internal modifications.


Gene synthesis

We offer customised gene synthesis services in a plasmid DNA state with a free cloning service, as well as free DNA sequencing to confirm the sequence of the gene.

Our customised gene synthesis service offers to generate genes based on the sequence requirement of the customer. With our free cloning service, the synthesised gene is made available in a plasmid DNA state. Our free sequencing service guarantees 100% sequence accuracy.

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