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Interview Tips

The key to a successful job interview is in the preparation.


The first thing you must do is look over your CV. If you have been invited to an interview, it is because we found your CV impressive.

Curriculum Vitae
Documents and Blurred Business Men


It may sound simple, but know your qualifications. Interviewers will have an interest in modules you’ve covered and projects you have worked on. Think about how you can use your qualifications, skills and experience to prove that they align with our job description.


Conduct some research about Genetech and specifically the role you are interviewing for, the interviewers will expect you to know a bit about the firm, and why you are interested in working for us. 

Genetic Analyser
The Future


If you are aiming to pursue a career with Genetech, then you must have a good understanding of what is happening in the industry and how this may influence your future.


If it helps, you can take notes to your interview. There is nothing wrong with referring to notes but ensure you do not to read directly from them throughout the interview.

Two Pens on Notebook


We will be assessing your strengths throughout the interview. This will allow us to identify how you may perform in the role, and it makes it a much more enjoyable experience. This also provides you a great opportunity to reflect on what you are good at.


At the interview, we want to get to know the real, authentic you. Thus, whilst you may want to learn about Genetech and go through your previous experiences ahead of your interview, there is no need to come with prepared responses. Furthermore, the examples you use when answering questions do not always have to be work based. Feel free to talk about relevant personal experiences where appropriate. The questions may be tapping into your strengths and there is no ‘correct’ thing to say. Thus, answer honestly based on what feels most natural to you.


You can create a good impression by knowing who you are going to meet and arriving on time. The interviewers will also be expecting you to wear suitable business wear.

Business Handshake
I am

Use I

Use ‘I’ instead of ‘We’ even if you talk about something you have done as a team. Keep in mind that we are interested in hearing about your achievements and what your contributions were.

Body Language

Maintain eye contact but you do not need to stare, and smile and enjoy your interview with a positive attitude. Moreover, relax and do not rush your answers. It is fine if you need a moment before answering a question. Be conscious of your hand use and avoid fidgeting with props, such as a notebook or pen, because it can make you lose concentration. If you make a mistake at the interview, do not worry because nobody is perfect. Worrying about your mistakes will have a negative impact on your performance.

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Ask an Expert


Do not be afraid to ask questions especially if you are not sure about something. It may demonstrate you have done your research and are genuinely interested.

Be Positive

Let go of the negative things in the past, aim positively but expect nothing in the future, and enjoy every moment without any attachment.

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