Genetech School of Gene Technology


Molecular Biology and Gene Technology are rapidly evolving subjects. Our staff consists of experienced teachers who are constantly in touch with what's new. 

We offer:


  • Courses in Gene Technology and Molecular Biology

  • Internship programmes

  • Laboratory practical sessions for secondary school students, teachers, etc.

  • Workshops on Molecular Biology and Biotechnology


Genetech offers internship opportunities for students who wish to work in an active molecular life science facility and obtain hands-on experience in a wide range of molecular biology techniques, whilst doing some short term research under the supervision of experienced scientists. By choosing to do an internship at Genetech, you will avail yourself of an opportunity to work in a scientific environment which is quite unique in Sri Lanka. You will be able to work alongside scientists who are amongst the most experienced personnel in the molecular life sciences in an environment that is fast paced and exciting. Being a testing laboratory, Genetech is constantly working against time to deliver molecular biology-based testing services. Being a research institute, Genetech is always keen to branch out into new areas. Being a training organization, Genetech can provide you with an opportunity to learn from practicing scientists and be mentored by experienced teachers, whilst doing your research in a well equipped facility.


The objective of these courses is to give all our students a comprehensive understanding of the essential principles of the subject. It aims to give each category of students a degree of knowledge and skill which would help meet the requirements of institutes of higher education and research anywhere in the world, and also help to advance the careers of personnel requiring a non-professional level of skill in molecular biology, such as medical and medico-legal personnel.

If you are interested in an internship opportunity or a course at Genetech, please contact us.