Scientific Collaborative Projects



• Projects initiated under this scheme will be considered formal research collaborations between GRI and the external researcher. 

• The external researcher and GRI will agree on a time frame, scope of work, and budget for the project. An agreement will be signed between GRI and the external researcher spelling out these details. 



• Technical services and laboratory work may be performed in either of the following ways subject to mutual agreement:

i.  By the external researcher and GRI staff.

ii. By the external researcher and a research assistant appointed by the external researcher.



• Budgeting for this type of project will take the following into consideration:

    • Chemicals and consumables

    • Technical personnel fees (if done by GRI staff)

    • Equipment fees 

    • Bench fees 

    • Overhead charges 


• GRI scientists will be co-authors of any publications or presentations that are generated by the project.